Startup Designer Abaya Brand

Naqi, an ambitious abaya e-commerce brand, aspired to make an instant impact in the saturated fashion market of UAE. Their goal was two-fold: create an unmistakable brand identity and achieve swift revenue growth.

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Naqi’s monumental debut in the market highlights the profound effect of harmonizing brand strategy, digital outreach, and media relations. Within a mere 5 days, Naqi has firmly established itself as an abaya brand with great potential and promise in the e-commerce landscape.

  • Built a solid community with 300+ followers on Instagram and attracted 1K web visitors.
  • Recorded a staggering AED 12,000 in revenue.
  • Successfully collaborated with 10 influential figures, massively propelling the brand’s reach and resonance.
  • Achieved placement in 300+ news publications, including coveted spots on Google News.
  • Secured 500+ high-quality backlinks, boosting Naqi’s digital authority and search ranking.

Platform Selection

Focusing primarily on platforms where BitDelta's target audience thrived. Including TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Brand Strategy

Meticulously crafting a brand identity that speaks to the modern UAE woman, enabling Naqi to stand out amidst the sea of abaya brands.

Paid Ads

Launching highly targeted ad campaigns, ensuring potential customers flock to Naqi's e-commerce platform.

Social Media & Content Marketing

Utilizing the power of Instagram, magnified through compelling content and key influencer engagements during the brand's debut.

Influencer & Collaboration Marketing

Collaborating with prominent figures in the fashion and lifestyle sector, which facilitated expansive brand visibility, credibility, and swift engagement.

Press Release & Publication

Orchestrating a robust PR strategy, targeting top-tier media outlets and ensuring Naqi's story reaches the masses.

Key Highlights

0 K+
Revenue Generated (AED)
5 K+
Website Visitors
0 x
Return On Ad Spend

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