Bubble, a self-care brand that prioritizes women’s wellbeing, allowed RewireHub the honor of shaping its digital persona. Through strategic social media management, intuitive design, and meaningful branding, we have effectively showcased Bubble’s mission and product offerings.

About Bubble

Bubble is a dedicated self-care brand, creating products and care packages that address women’s needs during menstruation and beyond. Their focus on quality, comfort, and self-love makes them a leading provider in the self-care domain. Bubble’s range of products offers women the care, comfort, and convenience they need, exactly when they need it.

Branding Overview

For Bubble’s branding, we sought to encapsulate the brand’s warmth, femininity, and nurturing nature. Our chosen color palette includes light pink for its association with femininity and gentleness, light purple and dark purple for their connotations of luxury and care, and light yellow and orange for their connection to optimism and warmth.

The typography matches Bubble’s character and message. ‘Poppins’ for headings imparts a modern and friendly tone, while ‘Lora’ is used for body text to offer a smooth reading experience with its balanced, classic style.

The name ‘Bubble’ was chosen for its resonance with feelings of comfort, protection, and self-care – just like a bubble, the brand provides a personal, safe space for women during their self-care routines. It’s a name that speaks directly to the heart of what the brand is all about: nurturing, care, and embracing one’s needs.

Through these design elements, we’ve crafted a distinctive brand identity for Bubble, which perfectly reflects their commitment to women’s self-care and wellbeing.

Services Used

Branding, Design, Social Media

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