New multi-asset trading platform

BitDelta, an emerging multi-asset trading platform, aimed to make a grand entrance into the digital space with a focus on community engagement and a robust social media presence.

Client Logos - RewireHub & Muddaa (5)

BitDelta’s launch was nothing short of a roaring success. Thanks to RewireHub’s targeted strategy, the brand built a strong community and achieved a substantial online following in an astonishingly short time frame.

  • Garnered over 800+ followers on Instagram.
  • Secured a whopping 13K followers on Twitter.
  • Achieved a strong community base with 10K members on Telegram.
  • Acquired 25K new users to the platform.

Platform Selection

Focusing primarily on platforms where BitDelta's target audience thrived. Including Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.

Launch Strategy

Devised a dual-pronged approach combining a captivating social media campaign with community-building activities.

Content Strategy

Developed platform-specific content to maximize reach, engagement, and resonance with the target audience.

Engagement Initiatives

Facilitated a $1000 giveaway to drive user participation and paired it with influencer partnerships (with a budget of $500) for maximum visibility.

Key Highlights

18 K+
Users Acquired
5 K+
Twitter Followers
0 K+
Telegram Followers

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