Startup Crypto Futures Trading Exchange

BitaFX, an emerging crypto exchange, was on the verge of its beta launch, aiming to carve out its niche and foster a dynamic online community. 

Client Logos - RewireHub & Muddaa (8)

As BitaFX launched its beta phase, RewireHub’s proficient strategies set the stage for a formidable online presence and a strong community foundation, all achieved in an incredibly short timeframe.

  • Secured 4K+ followers on Instagram.
  • Captured a remarkable 10K followers on Twitter.
  • Cultivated an engaged community of 4K members on Telegram.
  • Through a dedicated $200 beta launch campaign, successfully acquired over 500+ users and brought in 4K new followers on Twitter and Telegram each in just 3 days.

Platform Selection

Focusing primarily on platforms where BitaFX's target audience thrived. Including Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Beta Launch Strategy

Kickstarted a compelling campaign to showcase BitaFX's potential and appeal to early adopters.

Content Strategy

Curated content that not only intrigued but also educated, paving the way for meaningful user interactions.

Engagement Initiatives

Leveraged a blend of organic campaigns and a $1000 influencer thrust to immerse, enlighten, and expand BitaFX's audience.

Key Highlights

18 K+
Users Acquired
5 K+
Twitter Followers
0 K+
Telegram Followers

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