Brite, an expert business consultant, chose RewireHub to helm their digital persona development. Through insightful social media management, innovative design, and striking branding, we’ve successfully positioned Brite as a leader in the business consulting arena.

About Brite

Brite is an expert business consulting firm committed to guiding businesses towards success. Offering a range of consulting services, Brite helps clients navigate complex business landscapes, overcome challenges, and seize opportunities. With their expertise, businesses are able to thrive, grow, and shine brightly in their respective sectors.

Branding Overview

The branding for Brite was designed to reflect its mission of being a guiding light for businesses. We opted for a vibrant color palette featuring orange to represent enthusiasm and success, blue for trust and professionalism, white for clarity and purity, and black for sophistication and power.

Typography was chosen to complement the brand’s persona. ‘DM Sans’ was used for headers to project a clean and modern image, while ‘Lato’ was selected for body text for its readability and subtle elegance.

The name ‘Brite’ embodies the essence of the brand – being a beacon of guidance for businesses. Simple, memorable, and impactful, it suggests a promise of shedding light on the path to business success.

By harmonizing these elements, we crafted a compelling brand identity for Brite that authentically communicates their role as a dependable guide in the world of business consulting.

Services Used

Branding, Design, Social Media

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